We specialize in pointed pen calligraphy, hand lettering, brush lettering, illustration and watercolor to create bespoke designs on numerous mediums to add a beautiful and personalized touch to your special day. We love to help make any event or occasion as special as possible. We would love to hear your ideas and needs, & do everything possible to bring them to life in beautiful hand written words and items.

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Envelopes are the first introduction to your wedding. There are several elements to envelopes: Outer envelope, Return Address, Inner Envelope, and the RSVP envelope. You can choose one of these, or all. We work with you to match the style and formality of your wedding.


There is a huge variety of materials you can use to assign a seat for your guests. This adds an intimate effect, as well as helps the flow of the event. From paper to marble, agate, stones, tiles, wood- we can incorporate your style.



As guests arrive to the reception, providing beautiful hand written escort cards detailing the guests and table number of their seat allows for a smooth flow and avoids any confusion, or seating issues. Table numbers are essential if assigned guests to a specific table.


For the sake of coordination and continuity, adding table numbers will enhance the whole ambiance of the table decor and venue decoration. These are also required if escort cards are being utilized.



There are many fun ways to show your guests what food and beverages will be provided for consumption. We offer menu design, and customization. For seated dinners, a menu card placed on each place setting is helpful. You can also combine the place card & menu by personalizing each menu. 



For buffet style service, signage placed at the beginning of the line(s), or at each food option helps guests understand what is being offered and helps the flow of the line and process.



Acrylic signs are such a fun and elegant way to add signage to your wedding and reception. There are so many different sizes, shapes, and ways to design acrylic signs- the possibilities are endless. Acrylic signs provide important information as well as serve as beautiful decoration for the venue and reception.


Spice up your venue by adding custom hand made wood signage. Because the wood is assembled and stained, we are able to design the size and color of the wood to match the aesthetic of your venue and preference. We would love to work with you to create the most elegant, beautiful pieces.


Let us create a unique seating chart display that will enhance the decor and provide guests with their seating arrangements in an ultra chic manner. There are many unique ways to display a seating chart in an elegant fashion- such as acrylic, mirrors, chalkboards, wood signage, large canvas, and more.

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