We specialize in pointed pen calligraphy, hand lettering, brush lettering, illustration and watercolor to create bespoke designs on numerous mediums to add a beautiful and personalized touch to your special day.

From the beginning of the process to the end, we have you covered.

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 envelope addressing

Envelopes are the first introduction to your wedding. Not only does a personalized envelope add a special and elegant touch, but it sets the tone and formality of your wedding. A formal salutation and font selection can easily depict the nature of the event, just as a more informal approach and playful font will send a more casual tone. It is important for your guests to feel welcome and special, and having a hand written invitation addressed to them is the easiest way to achieve this.

There are many events leading up to the wedding that requires invitations: Save the Date, Bridal Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Invitation, and the Thank You Cards. Let us help make your wedding elegant, classy, and personal by creating gorgeous hand written addressed envelopes for your family, friends, and guests.

place cards

When guests are searching for their seat, providing a hand written place card adds an intimate effect, as well as helps the flow of the event by avoiding seating confusion. It also can be a momento for those who relish the memory. There are tons of fun ways to do name plates, where you can incorporate your wedding theme. For example, writing the names on a theme colored stationery, marble tiles, green leaf, small wooden circle, precious agate stone, etc.

escort cards

As guests arrive to the reception, providing beautiful hand written escort cards detailing the guests and table number of their seat allows for a smooth flow and avoids any confusion, or seating issues. There is a large variety of escort cards and designs available to match the theme of your wedding, and add a touch of elegance to the venue.

table numbers

For the sake of coordination and continuity, adding hand written table numbers and placing them accordingly will enhance the whole ambiance of the table decor and venue decoration. It makes the seating arrangements classy and delicate, yet useful and efficient at the same time. These are also required if escort cards are being utilized.


There are many fun ways to show your guests what food and beverages will be provided for consumption.


For seated dinners, a menu card placed on each place setting is helpful. You can also combine the place card & menu by personalizing each menu. 

For buffets, chalkboards or signage placed at the beginning of the line, or at each food option helps guests understand what is being offered and helps the flow of the line and process. Placing chalkboard/ signage at the bars and counters describing what drinks and beverages are being offered can also be extremely helpful and adds to the aesthetic

day of details

The day of details can truly make the venue go from ordinary to extraordinary. There's so many gorgeous options of hand written wedding decor and signage to add a personal and elegant touch to your venue. Some popular choices include: Welcome chalkboard at the entrance, Please sign our guest book sign, Hand written menus, Chalkboard drink and dinner menus, Personalized tags for sparklers, and so much more. See our gallery, and check out our instagram for more day of details inspiration! We also love working with our ultra creative clients with their own ideas and decor needs.

mr. & mrs. decor

The day of details are oh so important. They may not seem significant, but the fine details add a level of elegance and class to the decor to celebrate your new title. We can design a Mr. & Mrs. sign painted on wood to be hung on the back of your reception chairs, or personalized champagne flutes, and more. 

program / schedule

To ensure guests are informed of the events and timing of the wedding day, having a program/schedule describing the order of activities and names of the important people & family can be especially helpful. Have us prepare beautiful and legible hand written programs for your guests. 

This also can be helpful to ensure people don't depart before specific important events happen (i.e. cake cutting), or for the older crowd to depart when the dancing and partying begins.

save the date

Many brides & grooms send a save the date as a common courtesy to their wedding guests to inform their family and guests to save the wedding date and inform them they will be invited to the festivities. This is especially important for out of town guests, or if your venue is located out of town.

We are able to create an elegant hand written save the date card, or incorporate calligraphy hand writing on a printed picture card as well, in addition to addressing the save the date envelopes.



When preparing for the wedding festivities, you need the best people by your side. Send your best friends and family an incredible invitation for matron of honor, maid of honor, and bridesmaids. We can customize each invitation, and provide other hand written customized items tailored to your needs. We can also address the envelope!

thank you cards

For the amount of money and time guests spend on a gift to celebrate your big day, an equally delightful touch is to personalize the thank you cards to each of your guests. We can help you with that! We can create a custom personalized thank you card to your taste and theme. Personally addressing each guest in beautiful hand written calligraphy will make your guests feel valued and show the time and effort spent displaying your deep appreciation and thanks.

custom wood signage

Wood signage is all the rage! Spice up your venue and decor by adding custom hand made wood signage. Because the wood is assembled and stained, we are able to design the size and color of the wood to enhance the aesthetic of your venue and reception. There are so many fun and pretty ways to use wood. We would love to work with you to create the most elegant, beautiful pieces.

bridesmaids  decor

Let these lovely ladies know how grateful you are to have them by your side through this important and monumental time. From customized gear, to glasses, signs, cards, to gift bags- we have you covered.

The groomsmen are just as important! We love making specialized items for the men as well! 

vows & love


There's something special when a love letter, and marital vows are handwritten in a classy, elegant fashion on stationery. It adds personality to your most intimate and memorable thoughts, and proves to be a beautiful keepsake. 

seating charts

Let us create a unique seating chart display that will enhance the decor and provide guests with their seating arrangements in an ultra chic manner. There are many unique ways to display a seating chart in an elegant fashion- such as mirrors, chalkboards, wood signage, large canvas, and more. 

acrylic signage

Acrylic signs are such a fun and elegant way to add signage to your wedding and reception. The signs can either be left clear, or have a painted back to match your wedding theme and aesthetic. There are so many different sizes and ways to design acrylic signs- the possibilities are endless. From the welcome to our wedding, sign our guestbook, signature cocktails, seating charts, favorite quotes, these acrylic signs provide important information as well as serve as beautiful decoration for the venue and reception.

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