Envelope Addressing:

  • Outer Envelope: $2.75

  • Inner Envelope: $2.00

  • RSVP Card: $2.25

  • Return Address: $1.50

  • Custom Ink or Metallic Ink: $10 (one time charge)


Envelope Addressing including Materials:

  • ​ Outer Envelope: $3.25

  •  Inner Envelope: $2.50

  •  RSVP Card: $2.75

  •  Return Address: $1.50

  • Custom Ink or Metallic Ink: $10 (one time charge)


         * for other materials, please inquire further.        



Place Cards/ Escort Cards:

  • Place Card (white/light paper):

    • First name only- $1.50

    • First & Last name- $1.75​​​​

  • Place Card (dark paper):

    • First name only- $2.00​

    • First & Last name- $2.25

  • Place Card (marble, agate & other): $2.00 

  • Escort Cards:

    • White/Light paper- $2.25

    • Dark Paper- $2.50

           * For the pricing of materials included- please inquire.


Day of Details:

  • Table Sign: $6.00+

  • Acrylic Signage: (other sizes are available, prices may vary based on design request)

    •  4 x 6  in-​ $10

    •  5 x 7  in- $12

    •  8 x 10 in- $20

    • 10 x 10 in- $30

    • 11 x 14 in- $40

    • 16 x 20 in- $50

    • 18 x 24 in- $60

    • 20 x 30 in- $80

    • 22 x 28 in- $80

    • 24 x 24 in- $85

    • 24 x 36 in- $100

  • Wood Signage: (general guide, price may vary)

    • 24 x 36 in- $120

    • 24 x 32 in- $100

    • 20 x 30 in- $95

    • 24 x 24 in- $85

    • 18 x 24 in- $75

    • 16 x 20 in- $65

    • 11 x 14 in- $50

    •  8  x 10 in- $45

  • Thank you favor tags: $1.00

  • Other? Please inquire for a quote for your specific requests. Every project is so unique and different pricing may vary.

Chalkboard Rentals:

     Chalkboard Designs:

          Small Chalkboard: $40+

          Medium Chalkboard: $60+

          Large Chalkboard: $75+


*you may also purchase a chalkboard outright from me, or provide a chalkboard and commission a custom design.


     Chalkboard Rental Pricing:

   Please see the rental inventory guide

This is general pricing guide for your information. The price may decrease or increase according to the size of the order, materials, and specific requests. 


frequently  asked  questions



1. What is the turn-around time?

The turnaround time greatly varies on the product and services ordered. A single customized order typically takes a few days. A large order with multiple services will typically take 2- 3 weeks. Shipping times also greatly vary depending on where you are located.

2. Do you offer rush services?

Yes. You may request a rush order if time is running out for an additional fee, typically 15- 20%. We will do our best to work within your timeline, and utilize the quickest shipping method. Orders placed less than a week from the due date is typically charged as a rush service.

3. Do you offer samples?

We are able to provide a sample set for a small fee to cover supplies and shipping expense. We understand some events include a large purchase. We want you to love our products as much as we do.

4. Can you provide the paper/materials?

Yes! We can source the paper or materials required in addition to the calligraphy & lettering. We are able to provide high quality place cards, cards, envelopes, canvas, agate, marble, wood and various papers.


5. What is the process for ordering calligraphy envelope addressing?

1. Send me an email with your inquiry, or fill out our contact forms on the website to further discuss availability and your calligraphy needs.

2. Once your order & availability is confirmed, please provide a detailed address list of the guests (we can send you an addressing etiquette guide).

3. We will schedule a time to drop-off envelopes if you are located locally. You are also welcome to ship them, or use a courier service. We are also able to provide high quality envelopes if needed.

4. Once the envelopes and the address list are provided, we will send over the details of your order, along with a sample envelope for your approval before we begin your project. A 50% deposit is required prior to beginning your project.

       - If there are any corrections to be made, please email them as soon as they become known.

5. We will contact you as soon as the order is complete and ready for pick-up or shipping. Payment is due in full before the finished products are to be released.

6. We offer envelope stuffing, stamping and mailing services as well. If you are interested in this service, please let us know in the initial inquiry, as you will need to send the contents to be mailed.

6. Do you rent chalkboards?

Yes, we rent chalkboards to those located in the Houston, Texas area. If you are located outside of our rental area, you are welcome to purchase a chalkboard or we are able to source the requested type of chalkboard and ship the finished product to you.

7. Why do I need to pay a deposit upfront?

Our biggest commodity is time. We require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed. This ensures we are able to set aside the time and purchase all materials needed to complete your order. This also reserves any rental pieces.

8. When and how do I pay my remaining balance?

We will send an electronic invoice when your artwork is completed. It is required the final balance be paid in full prior to the completed work being sent out or picked up.


Envelope Addressing Info & Tips:

  • Want a custom font or layout design? We will do our best to match any font styles, or invitation suites per your request. All font, spacing, and slant can be adjusted to coordinate your specific needs. Please note your preferences in the inquiry, and include pictures if possible.

  • Please provide at least 15-20% more envelopes than required in order to ensure there is enough to make up for any human error. 

  • The available ink colors free of charge are black and white. We are able to use other ink colors for an additional charge, and are also able to customize a specific color to suit your taste and needs.

  • Please note the correct titles for each of your guests, and if there are any special titles that should be utilized, for example, Dr. 

  • Envelopes with a slant style font depict a more formal environment. 

  • Addresses can be written in four line or five lines with the five digit zip code written either after the city and state (4 lines), or in a separate line (5th). If you have a preference, please specify. 

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